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Canon Johnson C of E Primary School

Pupil and Parent Questionnaires

Thank you for all the replies we have had to our series of questionnaires we sent out early in the Spring Term. Below are the results for the questionnaires and later in the Summer term I will also attached an action plan from our review of your replies.


Does Your Child Enjoy School?

 Here is the feedback from your replies:

 Enjoying School questionnaire analysis.docxDownload
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Does Your Child Enjoy Reading?

This was the most replied to questionnaire. Thank you to everyone that replied. Here are the results of the questionnaire.

 Reading Questionnaire analysis.docxDownload
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Does your Child Enjoy Playtimes?

 During the Spring term we have introduced new equipment for pupils to play with and also introduced a new Key Stage 1 lunch club. Here are your replies from the questionnaires sent out just as these new activities were being implemented.

 Playtime Questionnaire analysis.docxDownload
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During the summer term we will be creating an action plan to address many of the issues you have identified in the questionnaires.

Thank you for all your support.