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Canon Johnson C of E Primary School

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5

Teacher - Mr Ward.

Supported by - Mrs Whitaker. 

Year 5 class email address   year5@canonjohnson.co.uk

Year 5 Long Term Overview

Autumn 1 Year 5 Newsletter - What are we doing this term?

Autumn 2 Year 5 Newsletter - What are we doing this term?

Spring 1  Year 5 Newsletter - What are we doing this term?

Spring 2 Year 5 Newsletter - What are we doing this term?

Summer 1 Year 5 Newsletter - What are we doing this term?

Parent Information PowerPoint Year 5 and 6

Y5-6 Parent PowerPoint.pptx

Welcome to Year 5!

Hello and welcome to Year 5’s Class Page. Our Teacher is Mr Ward and he is supported by Mrs Whitaker. 


We work hard in Year 5 - the next two years are crucial in getting you ready for your next journey in education - high school! However; we will have fun and enjoy spending Year 5 together.

Important Information


Reading is incredibly important and your support in this learning process is vital.

10 Benefits of Reading

  1. Children who read often and widely get better at it – after all, practise makes perfect.
  2. Reading exercises our brain – Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain than for example, watching TV. Reading strengthens brain connections and builds new connections.
  3. Reading improves concentration.
  4. Reading teaches children about the world around them.
  5. Reading improves vocabulary and language.
  6. Reading develops a child’s imagination.
  7. Reading helps children to develop empathy – as children develop they begin to consider how they would feel if placed in certain situations.
  8. Reading is fun – dreaming with your eyes open!
  9. Reading is a great way to spend time together.
  10. Reading promotes achievement in all subjects.



Your child has been given an Oxford Reading Buddies password where additional reading resources can be found.



KS2 children have also been given passwords to use Reading Plus. This ensures quick progression in fluency and understanding.




Your child will receive homework on a Friday and we ask for it to be returned by Wednesday.  Homework will reinforce your child’s learning and is therefore extremely valuable.


Your child has also been given passwords to Times Table Rockstars and Purple Mash which they can access at home. Children can use Times Table Rockstars to assess their speed and accuracy when recalling their times tables and they can work on their ICT skills using Purple Mash. There are lots of other resources to be found on Purple Mash too, including games to help consolidate children's maths and English knowledge.






P.E is on Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school (plain blue shorts/navy joggers, white T-shirt and pumps).


If you have any questions or would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to ask.


 Thank you!



Maths - Canon Johnson Visual Calculation Policy

Calculation Policy.docx

Geography Knowledge Organiser  - Autumn 1

Geography Knowledge Organiser  - Spring 1

Geography Knowledge Organiser  - Summer 1 

History Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 2 

History Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 

History Knowledge Organiser: Summer 2 

Science Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 1

Science Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 2 

Science Knowledge Organiser - Spring 1 

Science Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2

Science Knowledge Organiser - Summer 1 

Science Knowledge Organiser - Summer 2 

Design and Technology Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 1 

Design and Technology Knowledge Organiser - Spring 1 

Art Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 2 

Art Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 

Computing Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 1

Music Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 1

Online Lessons - If you want to do a little extra at home, Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize have extra lessons and help with tricky areas.  

Online daily lessons are now available from the BBC and the Oak Academy

CLICK HERE to access the Year 5 BBC Bitesize daily lessons

CLICK HERE to access the Year 5 Oak Academy daily lessons


Maths Calendar