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Elgin Street, Ashton-under-lyne, Lancashire, OL7 9DD


Canon Johnson C of E Primary School


The rewards and consequences that we use in school support our Christian ethos. We always aim for all our children to be happy, safe, responsible and caring members of our school community. We aim for positive relationships and mutual respect between staff and children

  1. Class Marbles: to develop a sense of community and support, pupils can earn marbles to put into the class marble jar. Once the jar is full, the pupils can choose an activity to do as a class.
  2.  Star of the Week: a child from each class will be chosen as ‘star of the week’ each Friday, they are presented with a certificate to take home.
  3. Captain's Table: demonstrating our school values - children are presented with a certificate and eat their lunch on a themed table with additional rewards.   
  • Weekly class attendance and punctuality awards.
  • Individual end of term 100% attendance award.