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Canon Johnson C of E Primary School


Year 4


Teacher - Miss L Buckle

Supported by - Mrs A Culpepper

Year 4 class email address  Year4@canonjohnson.co.uk

2021 - 2022

Below is the Powerpoint from our Meet and Greet meeting.

Year 4 Overview

Maths - Canon Johnson Visual Calculation Policy

All parents should have received an email with TEAMS log in details for their child.

If you have not please email Miss Buckle on year4@canonjohnson.co.uk  


Key Stage 2 Spanish lessons

week beginning 1st February  - Introducing yourself.  CLICK HERE to access the lesson.

March Maths Calendar

Lower Key Stage 2 Maths Calendar

Welcome to Year 4!

Hello and welcome to Year 4’s class page. Our Teacher is Miss Buckle and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Culpepper and Mrs Whitaker.

Miss Donnelly and Mr Bidgood also teach our class every Friday.

This year has been a very unusual one, with many of you learning at home since March. I am sure that, whether you have been learning at home or in school, as a child of a key worker, you have been trying your very best to keep up with your learning.

We are looking forward to a positive and enriching year and we will ensure every child has a very enjoyable experience.

Autumn Term 2020

Autumn IPC Knowledge Organiser



Reading is incredibly important and your support in this learning process is vital.

10 Benefits of Reading

  1. Children who read often and widely get better at it – after all, practise makes perfect.
  2. Reading exercises our brain – Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain than for example, watching TV. Reading strengthens brain connections and builds new connections.
  3. Reading improves concentration.
  4. Reading teaches children about the world around them.
  5. Reading improves vocabulary and language.
  6. Reading develops a child’s imagination.
  7. Reading helps children to develop empathy – as children develop they begin to consider how they would feel if placed in certain situations.
  8. Reading is fun – it is like dreaming with your eyes open!
  9. Reading is a great way to spend time together.
  10. Reading promotes achievement in all

We issue every child with a banded reading book every Friday, which they should read at home and bring back to school each week. Children also have access to the KS2 library - they can select a book of their choice. Every child has a reading journal which should be signed to show they have read at home. We check this weekly, and reward children regularly for reaching reading milestones.

Home Learning

Tuesday 12th May 2020

TT Rockstars - Battle of the Bands

Year 3 vs. Year 4

To get involved, just log into your TT Rockstars account and start playing! The class with the most points wins the tournament, which ends this Sunday.

Happy times-tabling :-)

The results are in:

What an exciting battle! Altogether, you scored 26,962 points!

Fantastic work - well done to everyone who took part.

Monday 11th May 2020

Monday 20th April 2020

Online Lessons

Online daily lessons are now available from the BBC and the Oak Academy

CLICK HERE to access the Year 4 BBC Bitesize daily lessons

CLICK HERE to access the Year 4 Oak Academy daily lessons


Please follow the above link to access daily maths activities.

Friday 20th March

Year 4 Explorers Home Learning

Hello and welcome to Year 4’s class page. Our teacher is Miss Buckle and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Culpepper.

PPA cover is taught by Miss Donnelly on a Thursday.

Together, our teachers work hard to ensure that learning is fun and engaging for us!


We worked together, in our Kagan groups, to suggest rules that we need to keep our class happy and safe. We selected four that we agreed on and that we felt we really needed to focus on for this term. We will review these next term and decide what areas we should focus on next.

Our agreed Class Rules for this term

  1. Listen to each other
  2. Be a kind, caring friend
  3. Tidy up our things
  4. Have pride in our work


In Year 4, we are having a big focus on reading for pleasure. Over the week, children have lots of opportunities to enjoy books through shared reading with the teacher, comprehension activities, guided reading in small groups, paired reading with a friend, reading to themselves or listening to an adult reading a story or our whole class novel. Every child will bring home a reading book that they have chosen themselves and they can choose a book from the School Library as required. Each half term we will visit Tameside Central Library to share books with each other and listen to stories with the teacher. If your child has their own Library Card, they will be able to withdraw a book to take home with them.


Remember that the more a child reads, the more they will learn so please encourage your child to read a range of texts for pleasure, including newspapers or magazines.



Year 4 will go swimming at Ashton Swimming Pool for the whole of the Spring Term. Children must have a swimming kit and towel in school each week.

PE takes place on Wednesday afternoons. This term we are learning Gymnastics. Full PE kits must be in school (white t-shirt, navy blue shorts and black pumps,) and will be sent home to be washed each half term. Earrings must be removed for both swimming and PE.

Throughout the week, we will also complete the Daily Mile, in which we will go outside running for 15 minutes. 



Children are expected to read their reading book each night, for at least 10 minutes and get their Reading Record signed by a parent. There is also the Oxford Reading Buddy website, where children can access a range of reading books online and complete a quiz about the book that they have read. Homework and spellings will be sent home every Friday to be completed with parental supervision, and returned to school the following Friday. 

Children should also be practising the Year 3 and 4 spellings on a regular basis, as your child will be expected to read and spell all of these words correctly with confidence, by the end of Year 4.

Times Tables up to x12 are practised daily in class and we use TT Rockstars/Purple Mash to consolidate our learning of multiplication. We would encourage children to be learning and practising these at home as often as possible. This year, children in Year 4 will complete an online Multiplication Tables Check. For more information on this, please see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/multiplication-tables-check-development-process or watch this short video;  https://youtu.be/GhAJMJUsAac

 Please encourage your child to use TT Rockstars and Oxford Reading Buddy at home as often as they can.



In Year 4, we enter the classroom each day to the aroma of incense burning because it stimulates our brain with a sense of calm. The aroma of incense smoke is capable of reducing heart rates and soothing nerve pathways within the brain to make you feel completely relaxed and at peace. We complete daily mindfulness, every day after lunch, using the Calm App. We are learning how to meditate to calm ourselves down and to focus our brain ready for learning. We use Yoga Pretzels to develop our spiritual and physical skills. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercises and meditation. We also have our own Gratitude Journal, which are personal to us and we keep these in our trays. At the end of every day we think about the positive things that have happened to us that day and choose one that we are grateful for, to write down in our journal. This helps us to end the day on a positive note and to focus on the ‘good’ in each day. We have found that these daily practices help to improve our health and happiness.



Children each have their own individual username and password for...








If you have any questions about your child's learning or emotional well-being, please do not hesitate to contact us, as together, in partnership, we can help your child reach their full potential.