Our school prides itself on striving for an excellent attendance and last year we were one of the highest attended schools in the Tameside area. We also have one of the lowest rates of lateness in Tameside.

Last year, our attendance rose to 96.1% but is still below our expected standards so we have implemented some key changes to improve attendance and punctuality. This has been a focus for the school this year as we strive to reach our target of 97% which we did reach during the Autumn term. Our action plan for Attendance includes:

  • Pupils labelled as persistent absentees (below 90%), letters will go out to parents asking for them to come in and speak to Mr Keaney or Mr Bidgood. This is as a mode of support to improve the attendance of the pupil and access any support parents may need.
  • Attendance agreements to be completed with parents of persistent absentees.
  • A letter detailing the school’s policy on Holiday Absence will be sent out to all parents.
  • All pupils, who come into school after 9am, must be signed in by a parent and the child will be given a late card to pass to their class teacher.
  • Sending penalty notices through for pupils that are persistently absent or take prolonged time off for holidays

Attendance is vitally important for the pupils at Canon Johnson to help them progress and learn. Each day lost can have a big impact upon a child’s learning. Please also remember, that if your child is ill or you have any other reason your child is not in school, to ring the office by 9.10am to give us an explanation as to why your child is not in school.