Year 1 SRE

In SRE we have been thinking about being healthy and looking after ourselves. We have been thinking about people in our community that help to keep us well.You should go to the dentist regularly. This term we are looking after our teeth by cleaning them twice a day, once at home and one in school.

3rd October 2018

We went to visit Manchester Airport today. We flew and landed a plane in Florida, dressed up as different people who worked in the airport, watched the biggest plane in the world land and visited the fastest plane in the world, Concord in it’s Hangar. It was great fun! We are going to use the experience to write some interesting sentences.


November 2018

Coding in Year 1

We have been learning how to give instructions using a Coding Programme. We have enjoyed using the ipads to give instructions to make ojects move on the screen. We have used the instructions “Forward”, “Backwards”, “Right” and “Left”. We also made 2 or 3 objects chase each other on the screen. It was fun!!

Year 1 Trip to Chester Zoo. 4th Dec 2018

We visited Chester Zoo this week. It was a beautiful, sunny day, though a little cold! Some of the animals very  noisy and playful, especially the Lions and Elephants! We looked at the habitats of animals and birds who lived in the zoo. We found out that animals can be sorted into Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores and that you have special teeth to help you eat the type of food you like to eat. eg The Jaguar has sharp, pointy teeth to help rip off meat from bones.  In the workshop we also found out that animals are all part of a Food Chain. The Jaguar is at the top of it’s Food Chain!