About us

About us

At Canon Johnson we pride ourselves on our relationships. We believe that for children to make the greatest progress they can, everyone needs to work together.

Our Christian vision encompasses all that we want to achieve as a partnership within the School’s Community, in a safe, friendly Christian environment. Our half termly Eucharist services encourage the local community to join with us in Christian celebration.

At lunch times we use this as an opportunity to nurture children with opportunities to be creative. Year 1 have a weekly pottery club, which they take turns in all participating in. In addition, we have a daily lunch time club run by Mrs Ott, one of our Teaching Assistants, which caters for those children who find being outside too much, for one reason or another. This offers the children the chance to play a board game, make something such as a bead bracelet, use play dough to create a model or simply gain pleasure from drawing and colouring in a quiet, friendly, safe environment.

A great deal of thought goes into inspiring our children to learn. We believe that quality school trips and experiences are at the corner stone of this. The children get a wide variety of opportunities including visits to Formby Beach (FS), the Airport (Year 1), visiting the War Memorial on Remembrance Day (Year 2), Baking and making a variety of cakes, breads and kebabs, walking in the local area,  opportunities to interview working Cabin crew and the Birds of Prey visit (Year 1), visits from authors, hatch live chicks from eggs (FS) ,  a trip on the East Lancashire Railways Year 3, Grosvenor Museum in Chester  where students become live Roman soldiers (Year 4), a forensic experience in Year 5 were pupils work out what happened at a crime scene, aspirational visits to Tameside College and an Industry Day in school to experience working in a job, a visit to Manchester University and residential stays for Year 6. Please have a look at the individual classes websites to see pictures of many of these experiences.

To further develop these experiences and be part of a wider learning community, Canon Johnson became an academy as part of the Forward As One Trust in January 2019. The trust closely follows our own beliefs in providing an excellent education for all pupils and narrowing the gap between the most deprived and other pupils. The Trust’s motto of: Moving Forward As One Team is an ethos that we are committed to providing.