School Council

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New School Council Weekly Award

Every Friday we have a Celebration Assembly. To help the children remember to look after the school equipment and resources we have designed a weekly competition. This term we are asking the children to look after the dry wipe pens. Every week we collect certain glue sticks in and announce to the school the class who has looked after their dry wipe pens the best.

Summer Term 2019

GLOBAL NEIGHBOURS AWARD- Working with Parochial and St James’ CE Primary School, we are applying for the Global Neighbours Award led by Christian Aid. During the Summer term we will be leading assemblies and discussing world issues with the school councils of other schools. Please come and read this page later in the summer term when we will have more to tell you.

ROAD SAFETY FOCUS- Outside our school can be very dangerous place and over half the pupils in school have had near accidents trying to cross the road. With the help of parents and teachers we are going to be encouraging people to park on the far side of road away from the school so that it is safer for children to cross the road. We will be patrolling outside the schools gates during the morning and after school to ask parents to help keep outside our school safe. Please help us by either walking into school or parking further away so that it is safer for us all.

SCHOOL TIDINESS- With Mr Bidgood we have been looking at ways we can make the school look nicer for visitors and the local community. We have looked around the school and have decided that we can work together to make the school a better place. During the summer term we will be clearing the front areas and planting new plants in the flower beds, building benches for parents to sit on outside Year 3 and 4 and painting the walls and flower boxes outside the front of the school.

VIRTUES AND VALUES- We have been making posters for our new virtues and values. These have been copied and put up around school to remind everyone of our virtues. We will be asking children what we could do to make sure people remember them.

November 2018

School Council have been thinking about how to bring the problems of being Homeless to the attention of us all at school.

When the DePaul Charity came to visit us, they told us about the things that Homeless people really need. It is things such as toothpaste, deodorant, clean socks, soap bars and clean underwear.

We are asking parents and pupils to bring essential items into school so that Mr Keaney can take them to our local Homeless Charity.

We are sending out a letter this week to our families asking for help with this on Friday  16th November.

Have a look in our reception area for our “WE Won’t Rest!” box and please give generously! Thank you.

Homelessness Assembly

School Council presented the information that the DePaul Charity told them about to the rest of the school. They also updated the school and asked the children to thank their parents for donations that have been given towards making life on the street better. So far we have had lots of donations for toothpaste, soap blocks and deodorant. All of which are really useful if you are homeless. We are taking our donations to a Homeless charity in Ashton nearer to Christmas.