Virtues & Values

March 2015

During the last 2 terms we have had a professional artist and a textile artist working with the children to develop our schools Virtues and Values.

In the autumn, the Ethos Group presented their information to the whole school and they voted for the 5 top Virtues & Values from the 9 we decided on last summer.  The top 5 are;

  1. Love
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Respect
  4. Thankfulness
  5. Friendship

The children’s thoughts on the virtues and values are displayed around 5 sheep. The idea is that we use the image of the sheep as it connects with Jesus who was the Good Shepherd. The children know that “Ewe should use these Virtues and Values every day”.


The new Alter Cloth, School Banner and School Prayer are all examples of the on-going work in school, to make our Church School more distinct. We think the new displays at the front of assembly really brighten up the hall. Please come to our celebration assemblies every Friday morning at 9.10am and see them for yourself.

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