Eco Warriors

March 2017

We really want to develop our school field. Mr Keaney went to the Woodland Trust and we ordered 400 trees!!

Mrs Bradley and some of the children through out school did the plan for a copse and pond.  There are about 30 trees in the copse consisting of willow, cherry, rowan and silver birch.

Then Mrs Bradley, Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Crolla worked with with Idrees and  Heath from Reception, Jake in Year 4, Jake in Year 5 and some children more children were randomly selected via lolly sticks from year 4 and 5.  They are Jessica , Fizan, Sophie, Kudijah, Ruby Jess and Cody  (year 5) and Aemen and Suzannah  (year4).

It was really good fun! As you can see EVERYONE got stuck into it!

Next we plan to plant a hedgerow along the car park fencing. We are also making a pond for frogs to spawn in. The photographer came on Friday 17th March from the Reporter to take photos



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July 2016

Students helped Mr Keaney & Miss Bradley plant a selection of trees around the perimeter of the school field.  All children who took part had to use tools to dig holes for each of the 20 trees and had to get stuck in and get their hands dirty planting.

The pupils worked together as a very effective team and took care, pride and patience in completing the task. Hopefully in years to come there trees will grow, Encourage new wildlife, offer shelter and become part of the schools scenery.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part.


 Tree planting 3 Tree planting 2 Tree planting 1


Jan 2015

ECO Warriors introduction Jan 15



The school Eco Club has been re-established with a new name, new faces and a new promise to make our school more eco-friendly and to help educate others in how to do this.

The school are looking at creating ‘Bug Hotels’ on the field and surrounding areas in order to increase the wildlife. In order to complete this activity which supports us in working towards an ECO ‘Green Flag Award’ we are looking for donations of a range of items.

We are looking for the following:

  1. 5 x Pallets
  2. Hay Bales
  3. Plastic tubing (Drain pipe, guttering or plumbing pipes)
  4. Plant Pots
  5. Bricks
  6. Large twigs or branches that can be cut down
  7. Any unwanted gardening equipment that is no longer needed.

 If you’re a keen gardener and would like to help in the spring and summer months with planting and potting please contact Mr Keaney or leave your details at the office.

Eco Warrior 1 Eco Warrior 2

The above are examples of what we would like to achieve.