Parent Questionnaire

At Canon Johnson we strive to make the school a better place for everyone. One of the ways we try to find out what people think of the school is through questionnaires. We regularly ask parents and pupils to fill in surveys so that we can improve the school. We ask parents fifteen questions to find out their feelings about the school; they are multiple choice and are graded as strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, did not answer.  Below are the results of the most recent parent questionnaire we have completed.


Results will be published in early Summer term


We have analysed these results carefully and have put several actions into place to improve the behaviour in schools, particularly at lunchtimes and to keep you more informed. This is what we have put in place, or are a focus in during the Spring and summer terms, to improve our school.

  • Changing the structure of lunchtimes and the way welfare staff look after the pupils
  • Introduced a lunch club for pupils
  • Introducing a reading club at lunchtime
  • Purchased playground equipment for pupils to use at lunchtimes.
  • Introduced the new school app
  • Kept newsletters up to date with the latest events
  • Regular Friends of Canon Johnson meetings
  • Annual School Vision days for parents, staff, governors and pupils to work together to improve the school.
  • Termly reports to show the progress of your pupils