How well are we doing?

Early Years

The Reception have progressed well this year. The pupil’s baseline assessment showed the pupils to be significantly national average at the beginning of the year. However, the class finished with 45% of pupils achieving a Good Level of Development. This is still well below national but all the pupils have shown good progress from their starting points.

Year 1 Phonics Check

The Year 1 pupils have achieved a good phonics score this year. They have achieved in line with the national average of 81%.

Key Stage 1 Results

At Key Stage 1 we have achieved some mixed results that mean we are performing jst below national in reading and maths but well below in writing.

Here are the results the Year 2 pupils achieved:

Expected Standard Greater Depth Standard
Reading 70% 7%
Writing 53% 0%
Maths 70% 0%


Key Stage 2 Results

At Key Stage two, the results we expected did not come to fruition as several pupils just failed to make the expected standard which has impact upon our results and ultimately on the progress of the pupils from their Key Stage 1 results. Considerable changes have been made this year to ensure we do not repeat these results again.

School Expected standard National expected standard Greater Depth Standard School Greater Depth Standard National
Reading 53% 75% 20% 28%
Writing 70% 78% 17% 20%
Maths 57% 76% 17% 24%
Combined (Reading, Writing and Maths) 33% 64% 10% 10%

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

53% 78% 7% 34%


An area where the school have made significant progress in improving the percentage of pupils achieving greater depth. This will continue to be a focus as we strive to achieve and surpass the national average

We are also measured by the progress our pupils have made from the end of Year 2 until the end of Year 6. The pupils achieved well in Key Stage 1 so the pupils progress is below the expected standard in all subjects. The progress for Key Stage pupils are:

Reading -5.0

(significantly below expected progress)

Writing                          -3.1

(Below Expected progress)

Maths -3.2

(Below Expected progress)