Year 1 News

September 2017

School Visit September 2017 Birds of Prey

We were delighted when Gauntlet Birds of Prey brought their fabulous birds in for us to look at. They brought in some owl’s, a hawk and a vulture which was very interesting. Some of us even got to hold them!! We wrote some interesting sentences on this experience.

October  2017 Year 1 Visit to Manchester Airport On Wednesday Year 1 visited the airport, as part of their topic on Flight. They all went on a DC10 and experienced what being a Captain of an Airplane is like. The children also found out about the other jobs that there are in an Airport and how busy it can be! Finally, the children saw Concord , the fastest passenger plane to ever fly and the largest plane in the world, the Air bus take off! It was VERY NOISY!! We are going to use our experience to make some interesting sentences. It was great fun! Thank you to Archie , Joel and Lacey’s Mum’s and Dad for coming along to help. It was really appreciated!

October 10th 2017

Today we had a special visitor come to our classroom. Her name was Rebecca and she is a real Flight Attendant! She came in a told us all about what she does when she is at work. We used P4C to work out lots of questions we could ask her before she came. She is Mrs Hoskin’s  niece and very pretty.  Rebecca showed us what she kept in her suitcase. We wrote about what we has found out about her. Thank you for coming Rebecca, we loved seeing you so much that some of us want to be Flight Attendant’s when we grow up!


October 23rd

This week we are having a Healthy school week. Tameside has a very poor record for children’s teeth. In Year 1 we have been thinking about keeping our teeth clean and how we can make sure we look after our teeth. We should;

  • Clean our teeth twice a day.
  • Use a pea-sized amount of fluoride tooth paste on our brush.
  • Use small circular movements to brush our teeth and gums.
  • Clean our teeth for 2 minutes.
  • Not rinse the toothpaste with water after finishing cleaning.
  • Ask an adult to check we have cleaned properly.
  • Eat healthy snacks and lots of fruit and vegetables.

This week we are going to keep a record of cleaning our teeth  to see who looks after them the best!

November 2017

We have been learning how to create a programme in ICT that gives a computer a set of instructions. It is called Coding. We had to programme a set of instructions to make 3 fish and jellyfish move up, down, left and right across a screen.

We are getting quite good at it!!