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Our class motto is:

“We are friends who share, are kind and have fun when we are together.”
I am Mrs Norburn the class teacher and Miss Osborne and Mrs Watling are our class Teaching Assistants.
We are really excited to be following the National Curriculum and have got lots of interesting themes that we will be covering over the year.
We will be posting pictures onto our class’ web page throughout the year so don’t forget to come and have a look.

What does a day in Year 1 look like?
School starts! The children will be greeted at the door.
With Registration and 5-a-day.
10.00am -Literacy
This is when children with take part in a guided read or write and then complete independent work. They will also have opportunity to access the areas of provision in the classroom at this time (writing area, workshop, role-play, math’s area etc.).
10.45am -Snack Break
Children will be provided with fruit and water. If you have paid for milk; children will drink it at this time -Numeracy
This is when children will learn new math’s skills. In Year 1 most of the skills they learn are very practical. They will be given lots of opportunities to work out problems and apply new skills using a range of resources. We love using Numicon in Year 1 to help us learn patterns in the number system.
Tidy Up and Story time
Guided Reading
Afternoon Break
Foundation Subjects (Geography, History, Art, Music, R.E, Science, Computing, PSHE)
Tidy up and Story time
Home Time.

Wednesday – LIBRARY DAY
Library will be after school on a Wednesday. Please help your child to choose a book from the school library to read at home.

5 A Day every morning.
Monday AM and Thursday PM
Our P.E sessions will be on a Monday morning and Thursday day afternoon. Please remember to send in a P.E kit for your child that is clearly labelled.

Reading and High frequency words: Please try to read with your child every night and practice their high frequency words. Your child’s reading book will be changed three times a week. We would also like to encourage you to read a range of other books with your child as well.
We may also send homework throughout the year. This will be based on Numeracy, Topic and Spellings.

September 2016

School Visit September 2016 Birds of Preybirds-of-prey-display-sept-2016

School Tripyear-1-visit-to-manchester-airport

School Trip Video


Year 1 Visitor October 2016year-1-write-up-for-newsletter

Anti Bullying Week

The poet Paul Cookson came to visit us. We thought about wht a friend was like and then made a poem called The Big Friendly Monster. “The BFM!”

We REALLY enjoyed making the poem with Paul. He was a very funny man!, See what you think for yourself! Click in the link to hear some of it!



Cleaning our teeth is very important.

We were visited by the ladies from Oral Hygiene in Tameside.

The children were shown how to clean their teeth properly. They thought about the sort of food that was healthy to eat and the sort of food that was bad for teeth. They  all had a go at cleaning their teeth using a big model of a mouth and a big toothbrush. Each child went home with a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.

img_5782 img_5783 img_5785 img_5787 img_5791 img_5792 img_5794 img_5797 img_5798

January 2017

Traditional Tales

We have been looking ay Traditional Tales.

Traditional Tales usually start with “Once upon a time”, have a baddy, a goody, a problem and end with “happily ever after.”

We came into school dressed as our favourite character and have  made  them as face masks in art.

We have been thinking about using “wow” words to describe a dragon in poetry and information texts. We used kagan groups to help us share our ideas.


Kagan literacy literacy 1

April 2017

Trip to Park Bridge Outdoor Resource Centre

We have been looking at plants in our science lessons and have started growing our own beans.

To learn more about our local plants we visited the Park Bridge Outdoor Resource Centre. Our guide taught has all about seed dispersal, the names of different wild plants and showed us how to make art from the chlorophyll in plant leaves! We then all tried pond dipping and used a key to identify what we found living in the plants.


10th May 2017

Science field work follow up investigation .

This week we have looked at the photos of plants  from our visit to Park Bridge and tried to find plants that we saw on our trip on our school field. We used a tally chart to find out which plants grew in our community.





July 2017

We have been thinking about joining groups and why we do that? One of the ways people join a group is to be part of a church. It makes you feel like you belong. As part of our RE curriculum, we visited our local church, Christchurch to take part in a “pretend” Baptism.

We had a Mum and a Dad and Godparents. Our Mum and Dad chose a name for our class baby. Our baby was called “Georgie.”

Rev David christened our baby with water and put the sign of the cross on our baby’s head using oil. We said prayers and thought about what being christened meant and why being part of church was important?

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