How well are Pupil Premium children doing?

Pupil Premium Attainment and Progress

With the use of Pupil Premium money the school have achieved some very good results for these pupils. Not only have we been able to offer a wider range of extra-curricular activities to widen the experiences of our pupils but we have also been able to greatly increase the learning and close the gap between Pupil Premium pupils and other pupils.


Early Years

Pupil Premium pupils out performed other pupils in terms of Good Learning Development. 73% of pupil premium pupils achieved GLD whereas only 71% of other pupils attained the same standard.


Year 1 Phonics Check

Pupil Premium pupils did particularly well in the Year 1 Phonics check, achieving a higher percentage than other pupils. 86% of pupils premium pupils achieved the pass mark whereas only 84% of other pupils achieved the standard.


Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessments


Pupils Premium pupils performed broadly in line with their peers in reading and Maths in the end of Key Stage 1 assessments. However, pupils premium pupils achieved less well in writing than their peers and work will be planned to close the gap in this area.


Pupil Premium Other Pupils
Reading 71% 77%
Writing 43% 65%
Maths 71% 71%


Key Stage 2 Assessments


In most subjects Pupil Premium pupils have attained lower than other pupils within the class in achieving the expected standard. In writing, pupils premium pupils achieved broadly in line with their peers but further work will need to be done to close the gap in other subjects particularly Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.


Pupil Premium Other Pupils
Reading 46% 56%
Writing 85% 89%
GPS 62% 89%
Maths 77% 83%

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