Aims & Mission Statement

Our school provides a safe and happy Christian environment where everyone works together to encourage children to achieve their full potential within the community.

To achieve this, we have identified the following aims:

  • To develop good relationships between pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, governors, friends and visitors.
  • To encourage a desire to learn and to be happy and confident in that desire.
  • To develop self-discipline.
  • To foster independence and flexibility for every individual to achieve his/her potential to meet the needs of an ever-changing society.
  • To develop a partnership with parents to provide a stable environment in which children can flourish.
  • To promote self-esteem and mutual respect in children and adults.
  • To reflect the local community and the multi-racial character of the area in our activities.
  • To value every individual and provide equal opportunity for all.
  • To encourage a spirit of independent learning and self-motivation.
  • To develop a sense of pride and belonging in every individual in the school.


Canon Johnson Church of England Primary School’s Virtues and Values

As a Christian school we are keen to nurture and develop our distinctiveness. As part of this the children have a class assembly every two weeks in which we focus on a different Virtue and Value. The children are asked to write a reflection and to place them on their Virtue and Value Tree, which stand in each classroom.


We asked all the people connected with school what their top 8 Virtues and Values were. This involved children, teachers, teaching assistants, lunch time supervisors, governors and parents all taking part. The results were unanimous and pretty much the same across the board.

From the 8, our children selected the five most important to them which we all try to live every day in school. They are: Love, Forgiveness, Friendship, Respect and Thankfulness.


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